Natural Law and International Human Rights

Ethos International operates internationally from a base in Nu Tireni (New Zealand). In 1995 Ethos was established as a legal, technology and communications consultancy focused on Human Rights, Environment and Communications. Ethos has worked with more than a dozen countries exploring constitutional matters, promoting information communications technologies and development best practice. Ethos has facilitated startup technologies and intellectual property,  and contracted to international NGOs such as the Association for Progressive Communications, Development Resource Centre, Pacific Islands Association of NGOs and the Pacific Islands News Association. Ethos played a guiding role in the Global Knowledge conference hosted by the Malaysian Government. Ethos architected online legal service platforms. Ethos has consulted in high profile litigation and worked alongside the International Tribunal for Natural Justice.

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Ethos works with indigenous groups to explore and clarify jurisdictional and constitutional questions. Ethos representatives participated in the 2022 Constitutional Korero conference hosted by Auckland University Law School. He wakaputanga, Ti Tireti o Waitangi , Living and Natural Lore are important in the context of Nu Tireni. Ethos contributes to ongoing research exploring Natural, Admiralty and Canon Laws and the Doctrine of Discovery.

Ethos International consulted to legal teams challenging the New Zealand government's pandemic response. Currently confidential evidence confirms the aspirational and experimental nature of technology deployed against civilian populations. Action to prosecute crimes against humanity pursuant to Article 7 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court is in train.

Ethos International is involved with the International Tribunal for Natural Justice ( in an oversight and support capacity.